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January 28, 2015
     Our first tournament of the year was today, and we had a huge turnout that overloaded the parking lot. 22 anglers came out to compete, including 3 women (our first tournament with multiple female anglers). I got on the board right away with a 12 1/4 inch bass on an American Tackle Grub on one of my first few casts, but ultimately, that's all I was able to come away with. I finsihed 6th out of 8 anglers who were able to catch anything. It was a very tough bite, even though the weather was cooperating nicely. The 3 cash prize winners were newcomer Aaron Otero - 1st - 19 1/4, Ray Flores - 2nd - 14, and 2018 AOY Rey Garza - 3rd - 13 7/8. It was a very close tournament, as the majority of the fish caught ranged in size from 12 - 14 inches. 2nd and 4th place were only 1/4 of an inch apart.
     Thanks to everyone who came out, and thanks to everyone else supporting us online.
January 15, 2019,
     We have a tournament coming up on January 28, at Lakeside. I prefished it and ran a simulated tournament last week, and did pretty well towards the end. It looks like we will be having a pretty decent sized group show up so far. 2019 is already on par to surpass 2018, and we haven't even had our first tournament yet.
     I've also done a handful of videos lately on product reviews. The Runcl Anchor Boxes have been paying off for me. American Tackle Company is my main company for baits and rods. They're the only company that I work with that is actually carried nationwide in major stores, like Academy. Lew's Mach series rods use AT Microwave Guides, as do some of the high end Academy Brand rods.
     But of all the reviews I've done, the most surprising one has got to be the $5 Wish Rod. This rod has worked it's way into my everyday rotation. I put a Daiwa Underspin 40 XD on it, and it's the most ideal pairing ever. If you're interested in checking out the rod, I purchased the 2.1 Meter size. 210 CM. It's roughly about the same as a 7' rod. I don't even use it as a telescopic, I leave it fully extended and carry it with my regular rods.
     Get the rod here and get 20% off this with promocode "aa2657vwys". Use the "Apply Promo" button. 
January 2, 2019
     Starting off the new year with a handful of videos on the way. Greg caught some nice brown trout in New Braunfels, and I've been working on a handful of product reviews and other videos. I'm also announcing some SABFC News. We have a new points system in place for Angler of the Year, and the first tournament of the year coming up.
     Monday, Jan. 28, 2019, at 2pm. Lakeside, Tealer Park. This should be an interesting one with the cold snap and the reported alligator sightings.
     As for the points system, let me just copy from the Facebook Group:

Angler of the Year Points System:

Every angler who participates in any sanctioned SABFC tournament will be included on the SABFC Results Page.
Your name will be published online, but no other information will be shared.

All fish submitted at each Tournament are counted, regardless of place finished.

1 inch = 1 point.

1st Place Finish = 100 Points
2nd Place Finish = 80 Points
3rd Place Finish = 60 Points
4th Place Finish = 40 Points
5th Place Finish = 20 Points

**Anglers Not Eligible to win Angler of the Year**:

Edmund Winston
Gregory Carrillo
Adan Lopez

**Cannot win AOY, but ARE eligible to win individual tournaments.

Angler of the Year winner will receive a trophy and a large box of assorted fishing gear that is collected throughout the year. Prize will be awarded in December.


Tournament "schedule" for 2019 - Dates will be set later because of schedule conflicts and work.

Jan - Lakeside
Feb - Woodlawn Lake
Mar - Josephine St. - Downtown SA River
Apr - Pletz - Salado Creek
May - Converse North
Jun - Brackenridge Park - SA River
Jul - Elmendorf Lake (OLLU)
Aug - Live Oak City Park
Sep - Covington Park - Salado Creek
Oct - VFW Blvd - SA River
Nov - MLK Jr Park - Salado Creek
Dec - Concepcion Park - SA River