Isaazon Defender Xtreme

These are the absolute CHEAPEST .22 caliber air rifles on the market. I actually said the wrong price in the video. The B3-1 was only $79.99. I need to stay away from Amazon before I end up on some kind of weird government watch list. I found the CHEAPEST .22 Caliber Pellet guns on the market (so far) and put them head to head against each other. The Defender Xtreme Models B1 and B3-1 from Isaazon on Amazon. The B1 has a few issues that might turn some people away from it, but the b3-1 performed just as good as some more well-known brand names. And it's accuracy is more consistent because it's not a break barrel.

Fantastic deal for anything bigger than the most common .177 caliber, at about the same price as most .177s! Check them out below!
Model B3-1 (also comes with pellets):
Model B1:

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